C Fund Projects - Notice of Award

Posted by Jason Hendrix Monday, May 18, 2020 4:31:00 PM

At the May 11, 2020 Town Council meeting the Batesburg-Leesville Town Council voted to approve the bid of 3D Dirt Works for a sidewalk repair project and CBD Inc. for a roadway repair project.  These two companies were the low bidders in a competitive bid process which was advertised on the town website as well as the South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO.sc.gov) website.  

The sidewalk repairs are for the replacement of broken sidewalks on North Peachtree Street and Charleston Avenue.  The replacement is for the removal of all broken concrete with the replacement of new concrete in the same dimensional footprint.  The distance on North Peachtree Street is approximately 750’ with an additional 200’ on Charleston Avenue.  Four bids were received. 


3D Dirt Works


Bullock General Contractor




AOS Specialty



The roadway repair is for a “full depth patch” which was recommended by an SCDOT representative who assisted in planning.  Pinewood Drive is a town owned road.  Five bids were received. 


APEX Construction Solutions

$3,950 Withdrawn by bidder 5/11/20

CBD Construction


AOS Specialty


Steed CGP